Walkability Asia is an initiative of the Clean Air Asia Organization, to improve walkability and pedestrian services across key Asian Countries and Cities.

The Walkability App, is a FREE App, which allows you to survey the streets or paths you walk on and contribute invaluably to supporting different initiatives for improvements. So now you can not only enjoy walking, but also contribute with your Survey feedback towards improving the pedestrian infrastructure.

There are 9 key Survey questions and you can begin by using Facebook, Twitter or any email identity login. A short personal profile, will help identify you (this is never disclosed), when you submit your Survey Rating.

You can use the App to survey streets in and near your colony, market, school, commercial areas and more. You can also take pictures as proof for a Survey question and it can be submitted through the App. And finally, if you use Facebook or Twitter, you can also post the results on your Wall and invoke your family and friends to contributing to this social cause!

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