GGCC Mobile v1.0 - is designed with simplicity in mind and at the same time is a very powerful app which connects to you all GGCC Media & Content and is powered by some of the most powerful servers in world, Rather from your Android mobile phone you will instantly feel at home with the app design and know how to use it.

You can listen to all GGCC Music ON-Demand with a single touch and Download tracks directly to your device with another for offline listening.

You can tune-in to the GGCC Live Radio Station which streams GGCC Music Live 24/7 and Specially Scheduled Live GGCC Radio Broadcast's which then can be listened to later ON-Demand through the Built-In Podcast Player.

You can also watch Live Video broadcasted from GGCC Church's right from your Device!

GGCC Mobile v1.0 is a true Blessing and a Must have App! - Brought to you by Gods Gypsy Christian Church -

*Requires Android v2.2 or higher!

Live Video
Entire GGCC Music Library
Download Favorite Songs right from your device
Personalize Your Music Playlist
24/7 Live Radio Station

All Music included in the app is owned by GGCC.TV and is available free of charge.

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