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A Classic Matching/Memory Game.

Test your visual and logic memory! In a timed game, 2 buttons of each color are presented and your challenge is to match them in the shortest time. When you consecutively select 2 buttons of the same color, those 2 become solid, if you get 2 incorrect matches, both disappear. Each board also has 2 blank spots to further challenge your logic abilities.

There are 3 different levels of difficulty:

1. Beginner Mode
2. Expert Mode
3. Challenge Mode

Beginner Mode: In this mode, buttons of the same color have to be matched against a timer clock.This mode has 2 blank buttons which have no color in them and cannot be selected.

Expert Mode (activate via Facebook Page Like): In this mode, we added a twist to your challenge. Each time you select a wrong combination, you lose overall points.

Challenge Mode (activate via In-App Purchase): This you are a 'Memory Master"? For those daring souls, we have created the Challenge Mode! How well do you think you could do with added sound and visual distractions? There is only 1 way to find out :-) Challenge yourself and your friends by upgrading to the "Challenge Mode" via the in-app purchase!.

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