The Official Notary Journal is a powerful, fast, innovative, simple, compliant tool to record and securely store your notarial transactions.

• UPLOADS YOUR ORDERS FROM EMAIL!!! No other electronic journal has this capability !** Patent Pending!
• Well ordered, smooth and intuitive!
• Superb ease and functionality!
• Save time and impress your clients!
• Keeps you safe and prepared!

I am a notary and have notarized hundreds and hundreds of documents over 16 years. My notary journals have become burdensome, ragged and finally finished – then I have to store them! I have developed a great idea to save time, money, storage space and stay in compliance with simple steps and incredible ease! I can now just carry my journal in my phone and safely store offsite! No worries. No forgotten or misplaced journals. No privacy screen needed. No locked drawers, box or briefcase to store or carry. No loss worries.
I have organized the paper journal format into 3 simple, intuitive steps:

1) Data Entry: Retrieve email confirmation of order! The email and attachment includes all journaling requirements for states*. This function is State-of-the-Art! Full email & attachments are stored in specifically named folder ** - OR - Quick manual entry for state required data – or both!
2) Take pictures of photo Identifications to duplicate meeting and signature comparison to IDs, including addresses, ID numbers and DOB!
3) Finger signatures of each signer

...All that you need to show that you personally, face to face, witnessed the signature, proven to be who the signers say they are, and supportive information from Title, Attorney or Notary Services and Notes. Each folder is consecutively numbered and complete – (or it can’t be stored), archived, and sent to your designated email to be encrypted or stored to your preference in offsite data storage!

This procedure protects you, your client and your employer. It is much safer, secure, and more functional for overall less cost than your paper journal. (One lunch out or a ream and a half of legal paper – and less than a hard bound journal – and you don’t have to replace it!

Only $19.99 PERIOD! No ‘Pro’ fees. No ‘Per notarization’ fee. No storage fees. No ‘abundance’ fees. No ‘maintenance’ fees. You buy it. It is yours to serve you. As a fellow notary, I just want to share the ‘seat belt’, keep me and mine safe, be compliant and as legal as I can! I am using it now and it is fantastic - easy, practical, professional and looks so good!
Buy here or visit our website and contact us for more information.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Date/Name Email/Manual Photo of IDs Signature(s) Finished/Well Done!

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