Quality starts that simulate near race conditions for swimmers are very hard to give in workouts on a regular bases. The regular practicing of these skills are very necessary to develop great reaction/movement time and to have that “easy speed” during the first length of the race. The “sequencing” needs continuous practice to maximize performance.

To set off thirty or so swimmers in a practice session is very time consuming. It occupies the staff with executing the verbal commands for a number of groups and takes away the ability to actually coach, by having to say “Take Your Mark” and then “Go” for an entire set. In most cases, this means that the swimmers almost never do quality starts using the specificity meet commands and sounds they will hear in actual competition.

START BOT does this for you with very little equipment. Run START BOT on your iPhone, with an audio connection to a speaker; and you have the perfect tool to give your swimmers a quality situation during workouts, several times per week! Quickly input the number of repeats, interval, number of groups, and the time between groups, hit the start button and the set is run by START BOT—LEAVING YOU FREE TO ACTUAL DO THE COACHING!!

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