Apps - your new visiting card

When you run a business, you create an identity with a name and logo, which is unique, catchy and allows your clients to connect to your business. And this then becomes the stamp of your existence. However, in the recent years, computing has shifted from the stationery desktops to somewhat mobile laptops.Apps - your new visiting card

But the latest and hottest new trend is the number of mobile computing devices. The simple phone has transformed in to the Smartphone and the laptop has shrunk in to Tablet devices, which users take along wherever they go.

Considering that a high number of users are now carrying portable computing devices, it is obvious that there is a distinct shift in their information seeking, processing and a buy decision is significantly transformed and quickened. Services, for example such as transportation - Taxi, can now be ordered by the click of a button, through a Smartphone device. There is no longer a need to call and explain, when and where to do the pick up or the drop. This results in 2-in-1 wins. The user gets faster response to their needs as the Taxi closest to the customer can pick up the guest. There is already a demonstrable proof of how this revolutionizes the conventional business, and in some cases, taking away business from those who do not upgrade with the times.

Today, Smartphone Apps are a business essential. Just like the visiting card was an identity you could flash or pass on to a customer, today, your business App residing on the device of your customer is a mark of a customer loyalty. Considering that customers have many choices, even though they can select from available options, an App would ensure that they keep their choices narrow. An App for your business, makes business sense. In this you cannot only wrap your business information and offers, but also invite clients by way of push notifications away from the clutter and over-crowded email inbox.

Considering that the investment in an App is one time and your business gains significant recurring revenues, the App is like a modern version of the Visiting Card, capable of doing much more than reminding about your business.

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