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Android app creation is not a big process. You can find a lot of companies which provide this service at varying costs. Before you hire a company, it is important to learn about the processes which are handled by reputed companies to check whether you are in right hands. The moment you call an Android app development company, the design process does not start. In the same manner, your first step from an idea to an app is not designing. This article will talk about various app development processes that would precede the designing stage.

Requirement analysis

To gain a complete outlook of project in hand, you need to work with the Android app company to create an analysis of requirements. This is called scope of work. This scope of work would cover all important elements like specifications, hypothesis, requirements, limitations and related elements.

For this stage, you need to learn the latest trends in market, customer needs, competitor’s products and related information. This stage should end with a detailed idea of your app which would stand as a framework till the end.


If you search for dictionary meaning of wireframe, you would understand that wireframe means a simple sketch or drawing. You need to draw a series of pictures about how your app should look, where icons should be presented, how each page should look and so on. This would help you to understand layout of content and other elements.

During this stage, you may make a lot of changes to the framework that you designed in the first stage. You can use a lot of wireframe tools which are available in the market. Learn the tool that your app development company is using. The most common tools are Axure, Justinmind,, Mockingbird, Omnigraffle and others.

Designing tools

Designing tools are numerous in number. You need to choose the one which would suit your need. Using your wireframe, your Android application service provider should be able to decide the type of tools and languages which would be needed for your app. There are a lot of types of design pattern which each company uses. Material Design and Flat Design are the patterns which are commonly used for Android apps.

Then comes the design stage for your app. You would be familiar with the processes in design like designing, testing, debugging and altering based on feedback. If your Android application services company insists you to start processes from design, it is better to switch to another company.

The reliability and success of your app depends on three things; planning, design and the design company. Without reliable programmers and designers, you cannot create an app which would help you to stand amidst your competitors. How should you choose the right company? Learn about the company, check the experience it has, learn about models it uses and check out its customers’ reviews. You can take as much time possible to choose a company. If you realize that the company you choose is not reliable half way through the process, cost of this mistake would be very high.

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