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Tips that are not usually shared by Android Application Development Company

Gone are the days when a fail-proof android application development process included choosing the right company, effective development and better communication. Here are some unsung tips which would help you to create a successful application which would stand apart from your competitors.

Android App Development

Demographic feedback

Get beta testers. Listen to what they have to say about your app. Check out whether your android apps company and android app development company would facilitate such a process. This would help you to fashion an app, which would suit a lot of audience. You cannot look forward to an app to be successful, if no user likes it.

A need

Do not create an app out of vacuum or just to promote your company. People would not be interested in an app which is created for a company. Everyone has a need and only if an app can solve a need, it would be a success. Your app can solve any need starting from finding a vegan restaurant near the user to getting updates on pregnancy. 

Keep it simple

Attractive interface, graphic design and illustrations are very essential only if your app is for a ten-year old. If you are planning to sell some serious app, it should be easy to use and download. A white background and black text based app can also hold the market. The content is what that matters.


There are four ways to charge your app. The first is giving a free app and earning through advertisements. The second is to charge for the app. The third method is to let the users download it for free and lock a few features for premium customers who pay for those. The fourth method is to charge for downloading and also for unlocking certain premium features. The third method is the most common one, but there is no one-fit-all charging process for all kinds of apps. Ask your development company about the best charge feature for your app.

Market before you launch

If you are planning to market after your launch it, your competitors would create a similar app and market it better than you. Make sure that the audiences are waiting for the app to be released. Marketing should be a continuous process. It should be initiated during your brain storming phase and should not end even after you launch your app.

Do not rely on positive word-of-mouth to spread your app. Plan a reward system for the users to recommend it to their friends.  

A team which is very experienced in android application development would help you to create a flaw-less application for android. This does not mean that choosing the right company is all that you need to do. Starting from how you charge your app to how you treat the feedback, a lot of points need to be considered to make your app, a successful one. Though a lot of companies have resources for these steps, it is up to you to get the best out of them. Learn about what the competitors are doing to keep their apps up in the market. Try to stand out of the crowd with an innovative plan and process.

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