This year, Google and Apple went against each other in the gap of a week! Google fired first shots on May 28th and Apple on June 8th. Both of them pulled off the events in their own characteristics. Google probably made the biggest ping pong game for the event attendees, while Apple made a intro video similar to last year’s hit movie Birdman starring Bill Hader which was hilarious!

Here is what both of them launched and how they matched with each other:


Android M | OS X El Capitan | iOS 9


Android M: Earlier with Lollipop, Android introduced a visual aesthetics. With Android M, it brings significant stability and improvements on usability.


OS X El Capitan: From Yosemite, OS X El Capitan brings in a lot more features on Multi-tasking. Including Split views and thumbnail views of multiple windows while still working on the mails or Notes. Simple drag and drop features with thumbnails of the links are also being introduced in El Capitan


iOS 9: Just like Android M, iOS 9 is focussed more on stability and performance than introducing a lot of big features and design changes. A notable thing that Apple did was to replace the Helvetica Neue font with a font that was developed by Apple called ‘San Francisco’.


Google Photos


Google launched a new intelligent Album App which shows how much it knows about us! Photos is not another stupid bucket in the cloud — once the pictures are uploaded, Google does the magic: Google analyses geolocation and other photo metadata, to recognize landmarks, faces, animal types, venues (e.g. nightclubs) and organize the photos accordingly.


Apple Music


While google never launched a dedicated Internet Radio App, Apple picked on Spotify and introduced Apple Music. How is Apple Music different from iTunes? Apple music is another subscription music service. Apple music will also launch an App for Android users by this fall. 


Google Now | Siri | Spotlight


Google Now is getting smarter as we expected, and it’s going to be integrated throughout the phone, it’s called Now on Tap. With Now on Tap, when you hold the home button, it brings up the Now cards with relevant information, whether you’re in an app, email, or web browser! This is a big expansion for Now, and Google is taking a step further in contextual understanding. At the demo, while asking “What is his real name?” while listening to Skrillex in Spotify, Now cards brought up the answer without needing to specify “Skrillex.”


Siri learns a lot more: Siri also learns how to read text and make contextual advice. Siri will also be able to scan and understand from emails and your calendars like Google Now.


However, if Siri and Google Now went against each other, Google Now would definitely break Siri into pieces!


Project Brillo | HomeKit


Google launched Project Brillo which is an operating system built on the “lower layers of Android,” that will let smart devices talk to each other. This will help us to control our door locks, light bulbs, and thermostat.


Meanwhile HomeKit, Apple’s smart home platform, is expanded beyond the current limited functionality (just Apple TV) – now, you’ll be capable of adjusting window shades, motion sensors, and security systems. 


WWDC and GOOGLE IO 2015 had their own characteristics! Both of them came up with smarter, expansive and intelligent ecosystems to make our lives better and help a wide range of communities out there.


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