Shopping while cooking or eating?

Grocery Shopping while eating or cooking at home? Nah, is that even possible?

Imagine cooking something at home and as you fetch the item from the kitchen shelf or fridge, you suddenly realize it is the last bit of the ingredient or grocery in your stock. The immediate reaction would be, to make a (mental) note of the item, for the next shopping list.

Then, you have to wait till you get to the store, or someone fetches it. And what if you miss out?

But thanks to the Smartphone Apps these days, all you have to do is something slightly different and less cumbersome. Using any of your Smartphone (Android, or iPhone), you would activate the Grocery Shopping App and scan the bar code of the item, to add to your list. 

AmazonFresh App

If you look around on the web, your friendly A to Z online shopping provider, now offers new options, to service your grocery needs too!


Companies like Amazon, expanding their "Fresh" - a grocery door delivery concept, going back to the classic roots of e-Commerce, even allow you to speak the item name, in to a hand held gadget that transmits your grocery list to Amazon directly. You can shop the complete grocery and selected aisles, choose home delivery times, view past purchases, and place your order easily and quickly. There are options to do barcode scanning, make a quick list and or filters based on brands and special diets.


Many Apps have been available so far, which allow you to scan a product bar code and look up its comparable prices. But the ease of adding up all such required kitchen or home utility items, in to a convenient shopping list, can take the burden off your shopping. Specially, as you can even order these online through the App and have them delivered to your door.

Now you can shop, even while cooking or eating the tasty dishes too!

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