Table-t takes your orders!

Imagine that you walk in to a restaurant and place your order on the table-t?

It is a quite a possibility, that increasingly the old style printed Restaurant Menu Card is already out, replaced by a Table-t! May be you are wondering, what can a Tablet do in a Restaurant or Pizza bar, or what can a Smartphone App do for a Fast-Food Joint at all?

Table-t takes your orders!

Well, for starters, you can surprise your customers with a new gen menu card. No longer do you need to print copies and insert them in a nice cover or have it specially printed, that every time you add a new or delete an item, you have to reprint it all over. And if you offer specials, which are limited to the week, month or a season, then place additional placards to draw the attention of your guests! Neither do you have to worry about an item that is sold out temporarily. An automatic greying out (making it un-selectable), can ensure guests know you are sold out!

One way you can take in orders is by allowing your Restaurant team to carry these (ordering) Tablet devices. They walk up to the guests table and either take the order directly by asking, or leave the device for the guests to place their orders themselves. There is also no need to run up to the kitchen to confirm the order, as it gets transmitted from the device (over Wi-Fi or Blue Tooth). And the kitchen display shows all the queuing orders for each of the tables.

  Tablet Ordering App

Another innovative use of the Table-t, is to string one to each table, instead of leaving the typical menu card. And you can display your offerings with detailed pictures, nutritional values and so on. If it's a seasonal item, it can automatically be greyed out, or simply not displayed. So you don't even have to explain the unavailability of the item. And while the guests wait for their order to be served, they can look up this extra information or browse otherwise, as interested.

An Ordering App on the other hand, can help promote your business in more than one ways. While it allows you to offer new deals in real time, or make time bound special offers, sending push notifications where required to attract customers to your restaurant (specially during lean times), they could also make a table reservation. Or place a to-go order, which they intend to pick up in designated time. Those coming to your restaurant, can also invite other friends or inform their location, through a message or check-in (on social media forums such as Facebook). So in more likelihood, you increase your foot-falls, than normally expected.

Ordering App

If you are a Restaurant Owner, are you still waiting to realize this goal? Or letting your closest competitor, down the block, eat in to your pie of hungry customers? If you don't believe in the possibilities, take a look at one of the finer uses of in-restaurant ordering device, as exemplified in this


PS:  If you have been second guessing, we referred to the Tablet (device) on the table, as the Table-t!

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