Track your Fleet & Goods

If you are in the business of servicing customers, or delivering goods, or supplying materials, you may well want to track your vehicles, goods or operating teams, on the move.

Track your Fleet & Goods

GPS Tracking devices cost substantially if you have a large fleet, require an initial set up, and added annual contracts for usage & maintenance fees. Locational feed data from these can usually be accessed only through the portals of the service providers. This adds up a huge burden on operating costs for smaller operators, who do not want to pass on the costs to their end customers. To add to the cost burden, there are insurance costs. The devices are also subject to tampering or theft, making their purpose ineffective.

A Tracking App, can help overcome all these challenges and offer value added benefits.

Tracking App Solution


A Tracking App can be custom developed, to cater to tracking needs of your specific business. So not only the vehicle, but also the staff operating the same, or goods being picked up or delivered, can be monitored. The App can be conveniently installed on the Staff / Operators Smartphone. And they offer the flexibility of accurately pointing the geo-position, thanks to most smartphones with such built-in features.

So within the Tracking App, GPS based coordinates can be monitored and stored, to relay at pre-set intervals the various transactions, such as events like start / end of trip, delivery of goods, fueling, etc.. The Operator cannot manually reset the App, nor falsify any time data, as real time GPS coordinates are logged silently and these cannot be tampered externally.

Operators or Staff can be encouraged with small incentives, for timely login or start of shift, ensuring adherence to delivery schedules and reporting live fueling data, so costs can be assigned to trips and overall operating efficiencies managed in a better and more coordinated way. In any case, the data usage requirements of such Apps can be easily managed through both data packages, or simple GPRS, when the data networks are not available. Thus real time information can be made available to the transportation or customer services control tower and eventually fed to the customers simultaneously.

With the increased availability of Android handheld devices, the business needs of tracking a vehicle fleet, or goods in transit, or their Staff, can be easily achieved through a customized Tracking App.

At the controlling end, the data can be integrated in to the web portal of the Company, or displayed as dashboard on a cross-platform devices, such as an iPhone or iPad or Windows based system, so the Managers can manage their logistics or service delivery functions more effectively. Added to this, is the higher customer satisfaction with the ability to get electronic receipts from clients, eliminating any errors of omission.

Fleet Tracking App offers the incredible ease of assessing costs of trips, including fuel bills for long hauls when the fleet refuel. So the information doesn't need to wait till the truck comes back to its base, or report at an in-transit station.

With a simple web based front end, route mapping, travel times, number of pick-ups or deliveries made, can all be easily presented for the controlling managers review. And all this at much lower cost of one time investment. This is specially relevant, if your business hires ad hoc or third party market hired vehicles, to effect your deliveries.

The benefits of a comprehensive and custom developed Fleet Tracking App, far outweigh those of installing a stand alone GPS navigation devices.

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