What App Developers Need to Know About Android Wear

The concept of imparting smart features to the wearable devices is not a new thing now in the market. Especially, the utilities like watches, bands, wrist or ankle wears have dominated the market. With mobile apps development market getting a considerable hike in the market, Android apps are now becoming smarter not only for the Smartphone but also for smart devices. Talking with reference to mobile, these smart wearable have wider utility in terms of application. Multiple apps can be developed considering a single domain and explicit features can be given. Technical specifications for developing such apps will be quiet different form the conventional Android apps development process.

Android Wear

Smart watch is the first Android device that has been recognized as the perfect for multi-utility purpose. The application development for the same will be scrutinized on the basis of how the developers will approach such a product present in the market. Google has also kept provision to let the Android wear application developers get accustomed newer systems and code concepts. The approach for app development in Android wear has to be completely different and below mentioned are the points required by app developers to get acquainted before developing.

Technical Specifications and Compatibility

Before starting the development or getting into the design phase, it is important for developers to understand the product and utility of Android wear. The Smart watch has greater specifications, multiple functionality and many more things. Also it is required to understand the OS terminologies before starting to develop apps. Google is going to launch specific APIs in next few months especially for Android wear in order to ensure the direction for app development for it. The toolkit may resemble the original app development with Android which was conventional with mobiles as well as tablets. Another important aspect of Android wear is notifications in the application can be customized and given extension for further usability.

Usability of Android Wear

This is another important criterion to look after while formulating the framework for application development. Android watches are used to monitor time while walking, running, jogging and other activities. It is also used to notify the user for particular events on the basis of application that they have set. One can give voice as an input and use Android wearable as a directive measure to notify everything. Exploring all these and other ways to optimize its use, Android wear apps can be designed and developed according to utility. Dealing with the touch pad and smart features of watch along with the sizes that it has is thing to look out for while designing the app.

Understand Market Dynamics

Although it might be an early stage for Android application development companies to set the target market and analyse the competency of the android wear in the market, but it would be easy to align the mindset of Android developers for this type of development. Different brands are going to come up with more Android wear in the near future to give better versions and upgrades in watches. In order to develop robust and scalable apps for Android wear, the market and services has to understand first by the respective Android apps development companies.

It is predicted that as the utility of the device does not owe use to large sector of public in the market, the product and apps development procedure will take some efforts to get into the crunch position in the market. But once the market opens, the app developers for Android wear can get new wings and offer a new direction to Android market.

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