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Our people are our strength, and drive much of the technology developments. So before the technology gets operational, it is the 'human' expertise that makes it possible. And we value that the most.

Our Qualified Team

On an average, 9 out of 10 team members have a Masters degree and at least 1 year of experience. As a young team, they are full of energy and enthusiasm to turn ideas in to realistic technology creations, which enrich the life of the users. We are a flat hierarchy team, with each team member reporting to a Team Leader.


DzoApps is open to hiring the young and talented. If you feel your skills match the criteria for respective Vacancies, then please take a few minutes to submit your detailed CV, with work examples and references, and the best time to reach you to schedule an interview.

Our Selection Process

  1. CV submission by candidate
  2. Review of candidature fit by HR
  3. Shortlisted candidates telephonically interviewed
  4. In person interview scheduled and a practical test administered to test capabilities
  5. Candidate test and interview performance evaluated along with salary and other considerations
  6. Send offer letter to selected candidate
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Opportunities at DzoApps

Dotzoo, Inc and its DzoApps Division is actively looking for experienced App Developers, who would like to work on exciting and challenging projects. If you have over an year or two of App Development experience and have been responsible for launching Apps in the Play Stores, feel free to send us your Resume via the "Apply Form".

We are currently hiring for:

1. Android App Developer (minimum experience 1 year)

2. iOS App Developer (min. exp. 1 year)