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Cross Platform

DzoApps offer you cross platform apps or application development services in Seattle USA under supervision of expert custom app or application development services in Seattle USA.

Globally, Android followed by iOS have emerged as the most popular Mobile Operating Systems (OS). There is a distinct user market for each of these Systems. Every smartphone user has either of the Android or Apple family devices, and in some cases, both devices. Also, Apps are developed for both independently, considering the vast OS differences. Often, the UI is slightly different, though development teams can maintain a similar look-n-feel and experience. DzoApps teams develops both Android & iOS based Apps.

But now imagine a scenario, like in the case of a network business, wherein a larger team is deployed in the field and needs to relay day's activities to the management. And at the other end, a team leader or manager must monitor this field work. For cost and management reasons, lets say the team use the more affordable Android devices. And the team leader(s) or manager, uses an iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone. Can an App fulfill the requirements of both OS?

Specially for Enterprise-wide usage, we have developed Cross-Platform Apps, such that certain functionality of the Apps as used in one OS, is taken as input in the other, without the need to have similar device. To allow integration of data and enable push information across the divergent Platforms, DzoApps has developed Enterprise Apps, to overcome the challenges of complex business processes.

We optimize the store and call of data between the two distinct devices. We ensure that through the App interface, the 'parent-child' or 'master-slave' relationship is established. And a seamless integration of the data flows.

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Track your Fleet & Goods

If you are in the business of servicing customers, or delivering goods, or supplying materials, you may well want to track your vehicles, goods or operating teams, on the moveRead More