Enterprise Apps

Our developed Enterprise Applications (Solutions) in Seattle USA cater to corporate clients iusing Smartphone / Tablets, to meet their exclusive intra/extranet business process needs.

In an increasingly mobile world, businesses run variety of internal business processes that can be deployed through custom developed Enterprise Apps. For example, Sales or Lead Management, Operations, etc.. DzoApps deploys available technologies, to create such Enterprise Applications that assist organizations in streamlining enterprise wide processes, by interfacing or integrating processes and also harnessing various sources of operational data.

Enterprise Apps are of critical importance to companies, who wish to have better process visibility. For example, a Transport Company may deploy a Fleet Tracking App, which allows its various operations to be monitored real time. And hence service the end-customers better.

In Enterprise Apps, Security and Administration are of key importance. As these Apps are not made available on the open App Stores, specific security features are built in to ensure encryption of data and storing it on the backend servers instantly. These Apps can be distributed need/usage based, to specific employees or network partners. Proprietary enterprise applications are usually designed and deployed to assist IT goals within an organization, such as automation of certain processes.

By outsourcing the development of an Enterprise App, companies not only benefit from better management of their internal IT resources but also deploying cutting edge solutions, which simplify and automate operations, and collection of data (at source mostly), and also integrate into larger Enterprise wide solutions.

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Can we help your business?

We are not just technology geeks. At the heart of our technology developments is a deep understanding of your businesses and the industry you work in. And there is a good probability, that we have guided a client or two in your industry sector.

Our management and development teams are well conversant with diverse business models. So if you operate a brick-n-mortar store, or service clients locally, we can help you grow your business by advising you on chosing and adapting custom developed technology solutions, that will help you augment your business.

We have service excellence at the heart of our "enhance value for businesses" motto. Get in touch, to explore how our ideas can transform your business and growth.