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DzoApps was carved out as a niche App Development team in 2010. We adapted and have been developing cutting edge App Solutions since.

Our 1st App was released as early as September 2010. Today, we service a global clientele across America, Europe and Asian sub-continent. We have not only delivered custom built Apps to clients, but also have a smart portfolio of Free Apps, for our global users. Some of our Apps have a high appeal and attracted over 150,000 downloads.

DzoApps has focus technical expertise in application development of mobile for all major platforms including Java/J2ME, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile platform, PhoneGap and Other Open Source Mobile Apps framework. We focus on your mobile application needs and how it will fit within your existing business.

We leverage the GPS, Accelerometer, Security (Scanner), Credit Card Processing (, Stripe Connect), Payment Integration (Paypal and Stripe Connect) and other device based features, to create and embed functionality, that delivers high value to the end users. This also helps businesses capture the usage trends and cater better to their customers.


We are mobile application development experts and work with the leading mobile platforms (iOS and Android) using variety of tools to deliver a conceptualised mobile application maintaining an extremely high-quality.

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