'Enabling your business through information technology, without your need to understand IT'

 As specialists in App Development, we help mobilize your business through smart mobile applications. Our range of services include Consulting to demonstrate how Smart Mobile Applications can change your business, to Design and Development of Apps, a Web UI frontend for managing the App and building the databases backbone to efficiently run your Apps. We build custom Apps, to address specific client-user mobile information requirements. Be it for ordering goods & services, or processing products & services information for the end users, Apps can make a major impact on your business.

Our underlying concept in App Development is based on our expertise in App Consulting Services. If you are a conventional brick-n-mortar business, or purely offer services to clients, we can show you the possibilities to expanding and enhancing your value for your clients, through Mobile Apps. With many years of experience and deep understanding of business processes, we can consult you on developing the most suitable App.

Many small businesses are very successful, but remain limited in realizing their value from the chosen path. Today, the mobile applications space is unavoidable. If your business is overlooking the potential of this market, you are possibly foregoing a large revenue stream. And a solid connection to your users, who will likely impact your business.

To allow businesses capitalize on their potential, we offer our Consulting services. If you are keen to win new customers, engage with them in a continuum, and yet, not aware of how to exploit the mobile market channels, we can show you exactly that. The value you derive from this, far outweighs the costs of ignoring this channel. Our in-house experts, can add tremendous value to your business, by understanding your core offering, and then positioning it well articulated through an App functionality, for your larger audience. So if you have a business idea and want it developed in to an App, but do not understand the nuances of the technology, we can show you the path to success.


Apps Development Services

Many of our clients already know what they want. Usually, they favor the very popular iOS and Android platforms for their Apps. Our development teams work on both technology platforms, so we can offer Apps Development expertise simultaneously for both OS platforms. And if your business demands, we can also build Apps for cross-platform - such that your teams work with Android, while the master control is over an iOS device.

Web Development Services

 A successful App requires a good web interface, to manage the data interchange. With years of experience in web development (our core expertise), we create simple Web UI, to enable the 'Admin' to fulfil the App data flows. Businesses can update their product offerings, add pictures and more, through a simple web page. Thus they do not have to worry about messing up with the database tables, and underlying architecture of the App.

Database Services

Many of our clients require their Apps to be integrated with complex Databases, as these may source data for the App, parse and filter information, to present to the end user. Our experts understand the various types of relational database structures and can easily integrate and write routines, to fetch data quickly and responsively. 

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Our Latest Released App

DST Mobile

The DST Mobile App was created to provide a mechanism for our members to “stay connected” with all of the latest news and events pertaining to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.