Our team consists of young professionals, who are University graduates. Having completed 4 years of rigorous Engineering education mostly with Information Technology specialization and also having gained a Masters, they join DzoApps with varying industry experience. We are proud to be a young team - with the average age being only 25 years!

Technology Groups

Our experts are divided in to teams based on their technology focus. We have clearly divided teams based on their skills, so that we can offer our clients parallel development for the various operating system platforms. The Web/Graphics and Database experts support the various OS teams. Our teams are organized as:

1. Android
2. iOS
3. Windows
4. Web/Graphics and
5. Database


Our teams are organized around their skills and expertise. They also work cross-functionally, guided by a Project Lead, for each of our client project.

The Project Lead assigns the various blocks of App Development , to ensure that the teams operate in close cooperation, specially when it involves building the same App across multiple platforms. The Design and Database teams pool in their work, to effectively reduce the overall delivery time, as they work in parallel.

Our teams are project oriented. A strong testing methodology is followed and QUALITY is built in at every stage. So the final delivered product is free from any bugs and functionality malfunctions. They place high importance to reducing redundancy in the code, and ensure all APIs minimize the data fetch and delivery, to conserve on the device resources.

Talk to our experts, and realize the power of developing smart Apps for your business. They can help you realize the benefits of mobile computing power, through custom built Apps.

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