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Dzoaaps is one of the leading web development and database management company in Seattle USA which provides you web development and database management services via professionals.

Every App needs to be managed, so it can be updated with latest information for the App user. A Web Interface allows controlling the information flows to the App.

Our Web Developers and Database Management staff work cohesively to ensure a seamless solution for maintaining the Apps, through a simple Web UI. So you can with a simple click of a buttons, or uploads, update and notify thousands of users with relevant information, news, or other offerings.

We create simplified interfaces, to also link in to your complex databases, delivering results quickly and accurately. A secure connection to your database and web interface is developed, to ensure accurate information being parsed to your App, for the ease and use of your mobile customers.

If you are engaged in a Business-to-Business / Consumer transaction, you probably have a new deal, offer, or service to offer. There are two ways these can be displayed through the Apps. Either the data input is driven through a link to your existing web site or, a specially created web input form. So we find it of significance to develop the web interface, that your Apps can be refreshed with new information, making your Apps worthwhile and keeping your customers engaged long term.

The Web Interface can be relatively simple or more elaborate depending on the App design. This also allows you to enter the new data and push this information as also alert the users through a 'Notification' on their device.

In order that a smartphone applications offers data in real time to the mobile users, the applications need to be integrated with backend database systems, unless the Apps are designed to run independently on the smartphone.

dzoapps Web & Database

 The connection to the database is important in the following ways:

  • Connect to the backend data through a web service protocol
  • Pull the required data from a backend database
  • Parse the data into a displayable and easy to understand format
  • Store the data locally on the device in a temporary storage and manage it locally
  • Encrypt the data on the device (when sensitive information is involved)
  • Make sure that data & applications can be remotely cleared if the device is lost or stolen.

Some Apps require synchronizing offline data on the smartphone though a sync server. This is then achieved through:

  • Hosting the sync server
  • Tying the sync server with the overall enterprise authentication directory
  • Writing a sync "source adapter" to interact with the backend application
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