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Google’s Android Security Is Now Better Than Ever Before

Android, the mobile OS launched in 2008 by Google, now has more than 1.4 billion users. It happened just in a term of 8 years. Currently Android, with 400 partnered companies, 500 carriers which produce 4,000 different phones, tablets and other gadgets, has captured 85 percent of smartphone and 60 percent of tablet market shares globally.

Android is based on open standards which mean hardware makers can use the OS to power their devices without paying any licensing fee. This is what trended Android and made it the first choice of users.


But along with popularity of the OS, we have been hearing a lot about Android security  vulnerabilities, too. We have seen how malware issues have been affecting Android security after time. But Google isn’t lenient for security as the company takes it very seriously and has been backed it into the heart of Android from beginning. Here are a few examples:

Apps run in their sandboxes

You have seen the sandbox kids play in. Sand doesn’t come out of the walls. All Android apps run in similar facility called “Application Sandbox”. Apps are housed within virtual sandboxes so that they do not access anything outside themselves. In this case, even if a device gets malware, it’s not able to access any other apps. In most of the cases of malware, it either happened by the negligence of users or app developers.

Latest security technology implementations

Leading hardware & software security technologies like encryption, app signing, system integrity checks, TrustZone, SELinux, and ASLR are now used to enhance Android security  features to provide protection to the data and device of users.

More control in Android M

Users owning Android M powered devices can feel safer as there is a new permission model in the Android of this version. It gives users with more control over what apps should be allowed to access. Now apps will ask for permissions to access the particular features of a device only in case when they need to do something. They will not have privilege to always use permissions even if they aren’t required by any of the actions of users.

So in case if a photo editing app needs permission to access your photo-roll, it will ask you first but if a torch app wants permission to access your location, you can just say no.

Google Play 

Google Play is now securer as it will not instantly publish an app. The app will first undergo security review process to get confirmation whether it fulfills all Google Play Store policies or not. Apps and even developers’ accounts are suspended if found violating the policies.

Third party verify apps feature

Android lets users install third-party apps from stores other than Google Play; however, this is a one big cause infecting devices. But to provide security to this method of installation, Android has feature called Verify Apps which alerts users and block damaging apps.

Apple’s Tips For Building A Business Successful App

If you want to start a mobile app start-up, Apple has shared some special tips for you. The company recently updated its App Store developers site and included a series of tutorials, case studies and other information. These stuffs are aimed at how developers can attain success in their app start-ups. 


The site of Apple includes a “Developer Insights” page that explains how mobile app developers like Evernote, Grailr, Seriously, and Smule built businesses with apps. Take the example of Evernote which tried to localize its note-taking app makings it available in different languages to attract global user-base. Another example is Seriously. The developer of this app used social media to market its brand. With all these updates, Apple has provided enough clarity for mobile app developers to learn that what extra efforts they can put in their projects to get them noticed. It also explained the way users navigate the App Store and how apps are featured by its editors. Apart this, the company also explained pros and cons of different app business models, offering subscriptions and selling apps in bundles. For now Apple’s App Store holds more than 1.5 million apps. So it’s a crowded place and of course, it’s too difficult for  mobile app developers to easily get noticed here and succeed. Ask those who have got good exposure and they will reveal how difficult it was to reach at that point. These developers do also get good pays from Apple. Apple announced in January that it has paid out nearly $40 billion to developers since the inception App Store in 2008 and one third of this big money was generated in 2015, alone. The app-marketing company Sensor Tower found that U.S, based consumers spent an average of $35 on apps last years. They spent an average of $25 on games, $3.4 on music related apps, and $1.8 on social networking, entertainment and lifestyle apps. Sensor Tower shared its own idea of app developer. It said that the best way to attain success in a mobile business is that you create a game. It’s because that average iPhone users downloaded about 10 games and three photo and video apps last years. They also downloaded three social networking apps and nearly three entertainment apps and music related apps received 2.2 installs on average. Apple didn’t say what should be the better way to create apps that will succeed but the site of company has a useful tool for anyone who wants  to build a successful business based on apps.

Google To Make Website And App Passwords Managing Simpler

Is it hard for you to remember passwords for mails, social media and other online website and app accounts ?Do you often forget them and then reset every time logging in an account?If it’s the case, here comes Google’s help to free you from the burden of remembering passwords.


The password manager Dashlane has recently partnered with Google on a project that will aid Android users to securely store their passwords to their apps/websites and easily log in without any need of remembering them.

Project is dubbed as Open Yolo – you only login once. It will also involve other companies making password managers which also automatically create, store and apply passwords for websites and apps.

Many websites and apps just do not let you enter without logging-in to them.And if you have multiple accounts, it’s just tough to recall them all.Also they aren’t fail-safe too.Of course there are a lot of other securer login methods like fingerprints, and iris scanning but they are still fancy and available only in high-end devices.So the best solution of this time is – integrate a password manager directly into websites and apps you log in.

But there are a lot of password managers such as Dashlane, Roboform, LastPass and 1Password and they all do the same thing.Often time users are confused about which one they should use.But Open Yolo will be the single more seamless login process regardless of which password managers you use.

Leading password managers like LastPass, 1Password, LassPass, Keeper and KeePass are either participating in the project or have strong interest expressed.One ideal password manager for this purpose is Smart Lock, a Google’s own tool that lets you get right down to work (or play) without needing to remember passwords and security codes.When opening apps and website, the app automatically applies your username and password to related accounts.

For now Open Yolo is available as an Open API that allows app developers to support various password managers. App developers making password managers can contribute their technology and expertise to enhance and develop the API.

“The big picture is to make password managers more proactive and more transparent, which means it will be seamlessly available every time you need it,” the Dashlane’s spokeswoman said. “This project is the first big step towards making security simple and accessible for every user, on every device, she added”

Let’s see how beneficial a password manager app is really proved because for now, users still do not have full faith on the reliability of such apps.  But as Google is providing supports to build a better password manager technology that would obtain password from all available leading password managers and apply the credentials to related websites and apps.

How You Can Grow Your Mobile App Startup

We are seeing an incredible growth in the mobile application market all over the world. Beyond being used by users for entertainment, mobile apps are turning out to be a matchless tool for businesses engaged in online selling, education, medical, banking and everything else. The whole online market is rapidly shifting to mobile apps.

There is only one reason why users will use an app – it will help them solve a problem with almost no efforts along with saving data, which is getting pricey day after day. This treat is called user-friendliness.

But on the flip side, there are tons of applications for the leading platforms like Apple and Android. Their amounts appear to flood stores likes App Store and Google Play.

Among all apps on stores, we have mobile app startups. They are those companies which create their business model around an app. But unfortunately, not all of the startups to be launched today will survive even to next year. Of course shortage of capital investment is one big reason but not the only one.

Another big reason is abiding by a terrible strategy and investing everything by it. It will naturally result in nothing more than hopelessness and failure. Even a unique idea will fall apart because of such strategy.

If you too are planning to commence a startup and need a mobile application development for it, here are some best things you should keep in mind while creating your strategy:

Be Innovative To Capture The Attention


Often time our idea is inspired by a successful, established product. We think we too can implement it. There is nothing wrong in such inspiration. What’s wrong is adopting and implementing it as it is.

This approach might by successful but in most of the cases, it fails. The reason is simple. You have done nothing new. You have not made the idea better than before.

The key to success in today’s market is innovation. If you don’t do it, you will not succeed. By innovations you will offer something better to your customers. You have to introduce new things to make your app-startup better than others.

Innovations mean anything new. Apply a different approach of user experience and improve it in your app. Introduce something that others haven’t done. Use native hardware of devices and come up with a unique feature. Use geo-location, camera, QR code scanning and various sensors to make things more easy, and advanced.

Invest Your Money In Right Resources


Whether you hire a mobile application development company for building your app or get it done through your in-house team, make sure you are investing on right resources. With right people you will stay away of unnecessary lags. It’s necessary you let your project be worked out only by talented people. You can easily judge the talent and experience of your in-house team. To judge a third-party developer, you have to go through its entire previous works. Ask the mobile application development company to present you the portfolio covering its most critical solutions offered to clients. You can go a step ahead and inquire how these apps are working by checking them on app stores for their reviews and number of downloads.

Make An Intuitive App Design


A sophisticated design isn’t all about attractive colors and buttons. They aren’t enough to make it intuitive. The app should let user operate it without any need of learning or training. It’s what makes it intuitive. Create a design that makes the app user-friendly. To make your app more intuitive, study that what knowledge users already have and what else you can provide them. Once you have the findings, you can create a design which isn’t only appealing but simple too.

Marketing Before And After The Launch


People will never know about your product if they aren’t informed. The way to inform people is marketing – before and after the launch. A true marketing campaign is one that begins long before the release date of an app.

A pre-launch marketing campaign lets you discover whether your product or service fits your customers’ requirements or not. Also, their reviews and comments on your app idea will help you improve it more.

Work On Users’ Feedback


Users-feedback is one of the most valuable resources aiding you improve your app. No software, whether for desktop or mobile, can be made perfect in the first attempt. There is always the possibility of improvements. Here, feedback by users provides you inputs to make changes in your app to improve it.

Bring your Business into the Digital World via Mobile Apps


The advent of smartphones and mobile app has changed the trend in the corporate and consumer sectors. The mobile app development helps to bring your product into the digital world and ensure the business to stay at the forefront. And, the year 2016 is marked for the mobile app development. The apps could be customized to integrate the brand message in the final product and smartly achieve the business goals. Further, the apps could be integrated with the databases for an easy-to-use solution and enhance the employee engagement.

Several more businesses and new businesses have realised the mobile movement. An investment in apps delivers the confidence and return on investment for any of the businesses today. It stands as the realm or the media for contact between the corporation, enterprises with its employees and/or the clients. Therefore, developing a strategy by keeping the user in mind is the rule of the mobile apps development.

You may be a startup, middle or sized business provider, the main goal is to promote the business. Development of a single mobile app once for all at the time of business initiation will never be a long term strategy. A complete market research, analysis of the users’ demand leads to successful gain of the consumers and the revenue along with the establishment of the brand value. A long term objective is a must for either the B2B or the B2C businesses alike.

The prime objectives could be executed with the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPI is the business metric which evaluates the factors crucial for the business success, and informs the expected outcome of the B2C or the B2B venture.

Further, content development and its optimization ensures top position in the search results, attracts user involvement and better interaction. And mention not to say, the content must be refreshed often, personalised, and engaging as per the user-defined experience.

A platform-centric mobile app development will no more be an effective strategy. A strategic development demands for the native and HTML 5 apps as they are able to exploit the features of the device to provide varied functionality to its maximum. And it reaches a wide range of consumers across the globe.

There are several industries today that depend on mobile apps. Some of them are IT industry, Real estate, Education, Health care, Entertainment, Fashion, Apparels, Banking, Finance, and, etc. We find several mobile app development companies catering services to the business industries, and the app developers are competent by updating themselves with the advanced technology and programming languages to bring out highly interactive mobile apps.

For more details regarding the apps development, you may get in touch with the mobile app developers at DzoApps. DzoApps (Division of Dotzoo Inc.) is involved in designing and developing mobile apps on major platforms for various industry verticals.

The Interesting Figures You Need To Know About Smartphone Trends

Do you know everything about smartphone revolution taking place right now? This blog shares some interesting data, comparisons and updates about the latest trends in smartphone market over the world. Here we go:dotzoo

Numbers for mobile trends are quite interesting. They say that there are more than 2 billion smartphone users all over the world. It’s nearly 27 percent of 7.4 billion of world’s current population. It means that 27 out of hundred people do own smartphones.



But it doesn’t mean that there is a fair distribution. It differs from country to country. South Korea is the country in which 88 percent of population owns smartphones while in Uganda, only 4 percent of population do have reach to smartphones so far. Top five developed countries to have largest smartphone user groups (excluding South Korea) are Australia (77%), Israel (74%), United States (72%), Spain (71%) and New Zealand (70%).

On the one hand, South Korea has the largest smartphone user group as mentioned above and on the other hand in North Korea, even a single percent of population do not hold smartphones.

Apps and OS Market Shares



Top leading OSes serving to the 98.9 percent of smart device users all over the world do together have more than 4.2 million apps. Android powers 84.1 percent of smartphones, with hosting 2.2 million apps on Google App Store while Apple’s iOS powers 14.8 percent of smartphones, with 2 million published apps on the App store.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS had 47 percent of market share in 2007 but now, it only holds a tiny slice of 0.7 percent.

In its golden days, BlackBerry had captured a big portion of market share with 19.9 percent in 2009 but then bad days came. As of now, BlackBerry only has 0.2 of market share all over the world.

Nothing like these drastic shifts in the market-shares have ever been recorded. Leaders got declines while starters became the titans.


Number of Mobile App Developers



As of an IDC research, there were an estimated 29 million of ICT skilled workers over the world along with 11 million of professional mobile app developers in 2014. Apart from this, there were 7.5 million of hobbyist mobile app developers all over the world. An Evans Data’s research informs that among all developers, 8.7 million are those who are dedicated mobile app developers. Adding more to it, the Vision Mobile’s Developer Megatrends H1 2015 study  says that in current market, 0.8 million new developers join the industry every year.

As of an estimation of Appfigures, there were nearly 400 thousand Android app developers (individual publishers) versus 275 thousands iOS developers versus 50 thousands Amazon app developers at the end of 2014.


App Earning: Android Vs. iOS


Android holds the largest marker share but not in terms of making revenue. As of App Annie’s reports for Q1 2016, App Store’s download gap had grown to 90 percent of Google Play’s revenues. It’s now generating 4x revenue per app vs. Android Google Play, which is leading OS powering 84.1% smartphone devices all over the world.

Mobile Manufacturers Globally: Top Five


World’s top five mobile device manufactures Samsung with 24.5 percent of a big market share, Apple holds 15.3 percent of share for its iPhone. Huawei holds a portion of 8.2 percent and Oppo has succeeded to slice a big piece of 5.5% in spite of being a new company. Vivo holds a good share of 4.3 percent as of Q1 2016 reports published by

Top Of The Features Of Finance Management Apps

Money – it drives the whole world. No one can live their life without it. But often time people have difficulties in managing their money. There are bill-pays, food-buys and others things where you have to spend a big portion of you money every month but if you don’t do it with planning, you might face a lot of problems.



But how would you do this planning to get on top of your finances? Well if you have smartphone, it will hardly take a minute or two to give you tool that power you to control all your budget, money-matters and related transactions.

Here is what a finance management or budget app can do for your:

  • Apps for managing finance come with a lot of features such as multiple account management, built in calculator, charts for analyzing spending habits, categorical organization. Many app do provide support to Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • These budget apps are capable of keeping track of your money, daily expenses, and different bills to be paid. The reports generated by these apps can also help you have the overviews of spending so you can fix any problems if they arise.
  • Many of them also feature multiple currencies, split-transactions and offer widgets for the convenience of users.
  • Finance management apps can also keep track of your credit card, budget and balances. You can even categorize things for better organizations.
  • Inputting daily transactions remain as easy as a child’s play. You can keep tabs on money going out with the sync of calendar so that things can be planned accordingly.
  • There are lot of finance calculators which help users calculate their loan, assets, stocks, auto loan and house loan. Other calculators include fuel calculator,  paycheck tax calculator, etc.
  • These apps also come enabled with passcode so that no one other than you can access your finance information. And it’s necessary to have passcode. After all, it’s money’s matter.

Most of the budget or finance management apps are available for free and their premium features can be opened by in-app purchases.

Are a you finance management organization and assist your client to manage their money? Do you want to create a tool that helps people keep track of their mone-INs and OUTs? Rapidsoft is here to help you in all your requirements. We have recently created a budget & finance management app my-loan-officer for one of your esteemed clients from India.

Boost your Mobile App Visibility through App Store Optimization



It’s an app era today. The corporate, Enterprises, Institutions, and everyone are using mobile apps. We find more than 2 million mobile applications in the major App stores and new apps get uploaded on a daily basis. And each of the mobile app publishers desires to get their app enlisted on the top position for the search results. And it is essential to comprehend the different methods of marketing the app.

App Store Optimization leads to optimization of the mobile apps in such a way that it ranks higher in the search results and make it more visible to the potential customers. One of the Forrest er (the research and advisory firm) report states that 63% of the mobile apps are discovered through app store searches.

A few of the attributes to be considered to get position in the App store is as follows:

Title: The placement of the keywords (that has search traffic) in the title matters the most. One may utilize the tools like SensorTower, SearchManHQ, Google’s AdWords keyword planner, and App codes for the 255 character limit in the app titles.

Keywords: The keywords must be well placed in the title of the app, description of the app, and uploading the app. The keywords placed as per the audience search will be more relevant.

Ratings and Feedback: Though it may appear difficult to manage, traditional marketing, pop-ups, and other methods work a lot in reminding the users to rate the app, which in turn earns the trust and attracts the new customers.

Frequent updates: The users are enthusiastic and excited to welcome any new changes in the app. It is recommended to upgrade and fix the bugs of the app often and facilitate better user experience.

Nomenclature of the app: Choosing the app name is the most important task. It should be short, memorable, catchy, and informative. It helps in mouth publicity of the app at a faster rate.

Description of the app: The app must be described in a precise and concise manner.
It should be simple and reachable for the general public rather than being more technical or otherwise.


Use of screenshots and video: It should be of short duration ( say, less than 60 seconds) and not boring. A maximum of 5-6 screenshots would suffice to grab the attention of the visitor and inspires him for the download.

Importance of Wearable Devices Application Development



Wearable Devices App Development

The advent of the smartphone technology brought us the era of mobility and has already taken the world by storm. 

It is changing at a reckless pace and has now led to the birth of Wearable Technology.

For a few years now, more and more technology manufacturers are looking into the creation of wearable devices that can by synced to your smartphone and many have already come out with early prototypes. Google's Glass and Nike's FuelBand are but a few examples that come to mind.

While it is clear that wearable technology still has a long way to go, there can be no doubt that this is the next big thing in the world of mobility and early investments in this technology would be a wise step.

Why Develop Apps for Wearable Devices?

Before the era of smartphones began, the ones who profited most from it were the ones who got into app development early on. 

The same holds true for wearable technology. The day is not far when wearable devices will be as popular as smartphones are today and app development for such devices will become a must for businesses.

We at Konstant have always believed in staying ahead of times by immersing ourselves into new technology and gaining a firm grasp of it in order to better service our vast clientele. Be it a health & fitness app for the upcoming iWatch from Apple or a video sharing app for the Google Glass, we can help you conceptualize, design and develop apps for these devices that will appeal to members of the public.

How We Can Help You Develop an App?

Nothing makes us happier than to see a 100 percent satisfied customer. 

Our Android and iOS developers will be more than happy to guide you from start to finish for your wearable device app development project. 

Keeping in mind the need for app development on wearable technology, Konstant has expanded to a dedicated team of wearable technology app developers who already have a considerable amount of expertise in the area thanks to beta testing apps for Google Glass.

 These developers will ensure that you receive expert consultation from the get go since this is a new area of technology.

We will also provide you with guidance on how to properly launch and market your new app for wearable devices in order to maximize your market presence and revenue generation. 

Already Have an App? Make it Compatible!

Do you already have an app for your business and want to make sure your users can leverage its features on wearable devices?

That's a smart move and we can help with that as well! Our wearable technology app development team is more than capable of re-creating your existing app to make it compatible with a wide range of wearable devices that are out in the market.

Additionally, we will also carry out thorough testing and QA on the product to ensure its compatibility across a wide range of wearable devices.

Moreover, we will also provide you with support for future wearable devices that may be launched in the coming time!

An Outlook Into the Fifth Generation Mobile Technology



The digital wireless communication systems have been consistently developing to fulfil the growing needs of the humanity. If we look back, we find an advancement of one generation every decade in the field of mobile technology. The 1980s is referred as the First Generation (1G); 1990s as the Second Generation (2G); 2000s as the Third Generation (3G); 2010s as the Fourth Generation (4G), and currently we are advancing towards the 2020s, the Fifth Generation (5G) – the most sophisticated and smarter technology.

It is anticipated that the upcoming mobile technology would make the governance easier for the government, benefit the students as advanced courses, materials will be available online, facilitate the common people with Internet everywhere, and, so forth. It is expected that the technology would provide a much wider frequency bands coupled with the wider spectral bandwidth per frequency channel.

Some of the outlooks of the 5G generation are-

  • The Network availability would expand and available everywhere in such a way that people may use their computer, mobile devices anywhere and anytime.
  • The mobile IP address would be assigned in accordance with the connected network and geographical position owing to IPv6 technology.
  • The radio technologies will have a different version and share the spectrum in a more efficient manner, facilitating the people to avail radio signal even at higher altitude.
  • High capacity which would allow the connectivity of several devices simultaneously and instantaneously.
  • Reliable communications at lower investment for infrastructural development.
  • One may be able to pay all the bills in a single payment through the mobile.
  • The people may be able to visualize the planets and the universe.
  • The wearable devices would come with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.
  • The expected speed of the 5G generation is 1 to10 Gbps.
  • Battery life will be much longer and the world would be in Wi-Fi zone.

Some of the advantages for common man includes cherishing of parallel multiple services; control the PCs through the handset; comfortable and easier education and medical treatment; powerful monitoring of the governmental organization; reduced crime rate; possibility of locating or searching the missing person; early detection of natural disaster including earthquake, tsunami, and, etc.

The general perceptions of the possible future with reference to the available and growing technology seems to become true and the day is no farther.

The mobile app developers at DzoApps, a well-renowned mobile application development company are techno-freaks, enthusiastic always and keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and are eager to accept the upcoming challenges in the mobile technology.

Check out for these Ten Must-have Smartwatch Apps

Smartwatch Apps


Android wears are the small yet powerful devices worn on the body which is an extension of the Android platform. It possesses the useful information as and when needed, provides authentic answers to spoken or typed questions, tools to reach fitness, and so forth.We wish to discuss some of the Android wear apps that you may download straight away from the Google Play Store and make your life easier.

Shazam: Shazam, the world’s popular apps is used to instantly identify a music track and all for free. Further, it is facilitated by one-tap access to video clips, lyrics, related tracks, and one may also buy them.

Lifeline: The writer Dave Justus weaves an interactive story through the aftermath of a crash landing on an alien moon, where Taylor is left alone and his crew is either dead or missing. Taylor, the main character is helped by the user as the story plays in real time. It is an immersive story of survival and perseverance with several outcomes.

Vibrations for Android wear: With the help of this app, one may set the number of vibrations for every app so that one may identify and may not lose any notification in the Android wear device.

IFTTT (If This, Then, That): It helps to create connections between apps like FaceBook, Instagram, Gmail, Dropbox, Twitter, and other devices like Nest Thermostat, Fitbit, and, etc.

Sofascore: It is a live score app for sports with widget giving the live coverage of leagues and competitions in about 17 sports namely basketball, tennis, cricket, baseball, football, and, etc.

Google Keep: One may speak a voice memo and get it transcribed automatically. It gives the reminder at the right place or time. Further, one may organise the poster, receipt or document and find it for later use.

Endomondo: It is the most popular fitness platform which tags the cycles, runs, climbs, hikes, and more. With the GPS skills, a standalone mode stores the important metrics of exercise sessions directly on the watch.

Evernote: The notes and reminder apps in your phone has got reworked to get a glance of the info on the wristwatch with a clean and simple background images. It keeps checking the to-do list and adds on new ones through a voice control.

Video for Android wear: One may view the videos directly on the watch with Bluetooth headphone support for audio. It is popular among the young generation who watch videos on the move.

Instaweather: It displays the location-based weather reports at the centre of the smartwatch with free custom faces featuring radar maps, wind conditions, and hourly forecasts and an animated radar.

User-centered Mobile Apps Design Connects the Expert and Novice Employees



A workplace is brimmed over with a diverse set of employees and it is bound to create dynamic environments. But, in terms of technology, we often hear a stereotypic opinion that older generations are less tech savvy and it may translate to problems in the workplace. However, in reality, every generation use the newer technology and the real gap is not the age, but the habit. For instance, the senior citizens use the social media more than the present generation.

The attitude and interest towards the new technology adoption differ between the younger and older workers. As the young employees have grown up with the technology, they rely on it for trying new solutions. Increased exposure to social media apps, gaming through personal devices like smart phones, tabs, and, etc., has enhanced their confidence level in using the technology, and they tend to implement technology in their work so as to automate the work tasks.

On the other hand, the older employees use technology after office hours and may not rely on them for their social interactions, entertainment as compared to the younger generation. They often remain content with the established workflows (with or without technology) and back out to explore new solutions.

The companies are bound to conquer the technology gap of their workforce and thereby increase their productivity and efficiency. Some of the recommendations in implementing the strategy are as follows.

The company must understand how the experienced and the novice employees may perform the same task. The novice employees must be given coaching through experts workflow. The design interface and interactions across the workforce must be easy to use and intuitive. The experts and the novice employees must be paired up to increase the comfort with the technology, broaden the knowledge and the skills. The use of mobile technology could be explored to the maximum for the benefit of both the experts and the novice employees. This could bring in a significant impact on business leading to a high return on investment.

We, at Dzoapps emphasis on latest user-centered designs for the Enterprise mobile apps developed at our end on the major platforms like Android app development and iPhone app development. The mobile apps developed by us comprehends the users’ demand and make your workflow easier than ever before and bridge the gap between the experts and the novice employees.

The Predictable Features of Apple’s iOS 10


Apple announced its iOS 10 operating system for the iOS devices on 13th June 2016.
The new update is anticipated to get released in September with the iPhone 7 launch followed by updates in case of older versions. The operating system features novel and exciting enhancements which include Photos, Maps, Siri, Apple music, a variety of apps, and, services. It claims to be the biggest iOS release ever since its inception revolutionising the iPhone app development company. In the Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC), it unveiled the ten new features.

Screen Redesign: Apple has unveiled that the iPhone would light up and move on to the Home screen when the phone is just lifted up. Several 3D touch shortcuts have been introduced which lets the user respond in better ways with interactive onscreen notifications. One may accept invitations, stay in the message thread over the lock screen. The user may track the progress of the uber driver in a live animated way. The control centre has got redesigned and could be customized as per the context. Further, one may swipe left for a list of customizable widgets. The slide to unlock has been replaced with press home to open which prompts to enter a passcode or use Touch ID.

Siri: The biggest modification to Siri is that Apple welcomes third party developers leading to activation of the function of non-Apple apps through voice control. The Siri would support Slack, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Runkeeper, and more apps.

QuickType: QuickType would be more proactive to get the other apps data. If someone asks about your whereabouts, it will offer the location as a suggested answer; if someone asks for an e-mail id of a person and iOS carries the details prior, it would suggest the contact details; support multilingual typing without the need of keyboard switching; and more.

Photos: The photos will use deep learning techniques and draw the linked photos, videos, people and time together automatically and highlight the trip mementoes.

Maps: The maps in iOS 10 comes with proactive elements. A few of them are the suggestion of possible destinations as the user slide upwards from the bottom of maps, depending on routine schedule time like the workplace, the destination would appear; detecting location by picking up from the calendar appointment, offering alternative routes on the fly, search filters, and, etc.

Music: It possess lyrics for certain songs on screen, music will continue while taking photos facilitating an uninterrupted music session.

News: Apple has subscriptions for news and added notification of breaking news.

Homekit and Home App: It is about to launch a Home app and manage all the home appliances from one hub.

Voicemail transcription: iOS will convert the user’s speech into text so that one have to just glance through the voicemail without the need to listen.

Messages: The user may use rich links in their messages. Furthermore, the message will get scanned and highlight the words that could be replaced with emoji. Moreover, the emoji has got increased three times in its size and could be incorporated into the predictive text.

In addition to these special features, we may expect several bonus features like remembering the place where the car got parked, wake alarm and bedtime feature, 3D touch for renaming folders, a dark mode for night view, and, more.

The new launch of iPhone 7 and 7 plus is going to be the best ever wonder of the virtual world by getting closer and interactive to the human needs. For more details on iPhone apps development, one may get in touch with iPhone (iOS) developers at Mobibiz, an Indian based Mobile application development company.

View Controller Life Cycle in iOS



UIViewController– A view controller manages a set of views and makes your app’s user interface. It coordinates with model objects and other controller objects. Basically, it plays a combine role for both view objects and controller objects. Each view controller shows it’s own views to display the app content. The views are automatically loaded when the view property of view controller is accessed in the app.

iOS provides several in built view controller classes for supporting standard user interfaces. These classes are UITableViewController, UINavigationController, UITabBarController etc.

View Management- A view controller uses the following methods to manage its views-

  • loadView– You should never call this method manually. It is automatically called when its view property is accessed. It loads or creates a view and assigns it to the view property. Override this method in order to create view controller’s default view manually. If you use Interface Builder to create view controller’s views, you must not override this method.
  • viewDidLoad– It is automatically called  when the view controller loaded completely in the memory. Override this method to perform additional initialization on views that were loaded from nib files and other tasks. E.g.-
  1. Instance variable initialization
  2. XML parsing
  3. Network request
  4. Database access
  5. Heavy object allocation

Event Management to Views- A view controller uses the following methods to manage events to its views-

  • viewWillAppear– It is called when the view controller’s view is about to be added to the view hierarchy. Override this method to perform custom tasks associated with displaying the view. E.g.-
  1. Update navigation bar style
  2. Update status bar style
  3. Update screen data
  4. Orientation handling
  • viewDidAppear– It is called when the view controller’s view was added to the view hierarchy. Override this method to perform additional tasks associated with displaying the view. E.g.-
  1. Start UI animation
  2. Display loader view
  • viewWillDisappear– It is called when the view controller’s view is about to be removed from the view hierarchy. Override this method to perform following tasks-
  1. Commit editing changes
  2. Hide keyboard
  3. Revert changes that were made in viewWillAppear method
  • viewDidDisappear– It is called when the view controller’s view was removed from the view hierarchy.  Override this method to perform additional tasks associated with dismissing or hiding the view. E.g.-
  1. Remove cache data
  2. Stop services related to view like audio, bonjour service.

Performance Analysis through Instrument tool for iOS App

Instruments Tool

Instruments is a powerful and flexible performance-analysis and testing tool. It is a  part of the Xcode tool set. Instruments tool is designed to help you profile your iOS applications in order to increase their performance and better utilization of resources.

We will see

  1. How to  find hot-spots in code using Time profiler instrument.
  2. How to find and fix the memory problems like strong reference cycle using Allocations instrument.
  3. How to reduce the memory waste by finding the abandoned memory in application using Allocations instrument.
  4. Finding memory allocations which are deal located and still referenced by our application using Zombies instrument.

Launch Instruments from Xcode

To launch Instruments from the Xcode menu

  1. Open Xcode.
  2. Choose Xcode > Open Developer Tool > Instruments.






To profile an opened Xcode project

  1. Launch Xcode and open your project.
  2. Do one of the following:


    • Choose Product > Profile.




  • Click and hold the Run button in the Xcode toolbar and choose Profile.



  • Press Command+I.

Xcode builds your project, Instruments launches, and you’re prompted to select a profiling template.


Instruments Tool sections




  • Recording control: Start/Stop and Pause the recording.
  • Timer: Running time and number of times application tested.
  • Track: Graphical Representation for selected tool w.r.t. time.
  • Details Panel: Detail output of the particular instrument.
  • Inspectors Panel: Record Setting, Display Setting and Extended Details.

CPU Uses

In Instruments tool, we can conduct testing under variety of conditions. We can also identify that how well the application uses the threads, cores and other resources. We can balance the work with multiple threads and offload work from main thread making our app more responsive. The Time Profiler instrument shows how well an application utilizes CPU cores and threads.

Steps to find CPU Use

  1. Launch Instruments tool using any one of the methods described above.
  2. When it asks to select a template, click Time Profiler.
  3. Choose your device and app from the target device and process lists if they are not selected.
  4. Click the Red Record button in the toolbar or press Command+R to begin recording.
  5. Use your app or the system normally.
  6. Click the Black Stop button in toolbar or press Command+R again when complete.
  7. Click the CPU or threads strategy button in the trace document toolbar.
  8. Examine the collected data.


In Detail panel, you can see the time take by each method in your application. if you want to open code then you can double click on any method and if you want to edit the code you can click small xcode icon and modify the code where needed.

Memory Leak

When we allocate some memory in our application but we never release them and the memory no longer being referenced by your app then this is called memory leak. Since we do not have any reference to that allocated memory, we cannot release it and the memory cannot be used again by application. In Instruments tool, we have Leaks template to find the memory leaks in an application.

Steps for finding memory leaks


  1. Launch Instruments tool using any one of the methods described above.
  2. When it asks to select a template, click Leaks.
  3. Choose your device and app from the target device and process lists if they are not selected.
  4. Click the Red Record button in the toolbar or press Command+R to begin recording.
  5. Use your app normally.
  6. Watch the Leaks instrument in the timeline pane for leaks. A leak appears as a red bar.
  7. Click the Leaks instrument in the timeline pane to display leak-related information in the detail pane.
  8. Choose Call Tree from the detail type list in the navigation bar of the detail pane. This displays a list of method calls related to any detected leaks.
  9. Press Command+2 to show the display settings area of the inspector pane.
  10. Under the Call Tree display settings, select Invert Call Tree and Hide System Libraries.
  11. In the call tree, select a method call you want to investigate.
  12. Press Command+3 to display a stack trace for the selected method call in the extended detail area of the inspector.
  13. Double-click the method call in the stack trace to display its code in Instruments.
  14. Click the small Xcode button at the top of the detail pane to open the code in Xcode for review and editing.


How iPhone App Can Maximize Your Business?

First came internet and dotcom bonanza and these much publicized Static websites proved surplus in comparison to the highly interactive WordPress CRM websites. The iPhone application is an additional revenue generator for a business apart from its usual channels of sales and marketing. A good company always indicate you to develop iPad and iPhone compatible app.

iPhone App developers can launch an App only after approval from the “App store” managed by Apple Inc. 200 Million iPad sold worldwide in 2010 and in the US there are forecast to be 85 million iPad users in 2016. iPad apps plays a major role for new startup or business and generate more revenue.

iPhone  app development for increase business growth

How iPhone app can maximize your business?iPhone is not fragmented like Android. Because it is a close source mobile OS, only Apple can utilize it to superpower its own mobile devices. Banking apps, Ecommerce, Music, Sports, Lifestyle, Finance, & Fitness Apps are most spectacular categories available at app stores. If you have business from such categories then you should have iPad application to boost your business.

Most salient categories for iPhone app development company- It is most desirable if you have presence on iPad store and tablet segment. So it comes up as a cost saving marketing proficiency. iPhone App development is another portal that is specifying the way business and customers act with each other. If a company makes its app adapting iPhone application development, it helps you to reach quality crowd while cutting off the charges related to other type of advertisements. Features for your application that increase your revenue.

The In App Purchase:

This is one of the jaw-dropping features of all time features to encapsulate high volume of business. In App purchase helps customers to purchase virtual goods, study material, eBooks, premium content like training videos, and membership subscriptions.

Push Notification:

For location based application, iBeacon app or mcommerce/ecommerce application, push notification is a best solution to update your customer and send them real time updates of your offers, deals and discount.

3rd Party APIs:

There are more than 15,000 APIs offered by worldwide firms. This 3rd party APIs assists to maximize upselling, affiliated marketing and distribution of your product. Payment APIs, Location based APIs, and Social Media APIs can help your business app heighten your business.

iPhone App development has become a business requirement and are supported by a huge global brand. With millions of users already, Commercial activities are eccentric to customers at a massive speed and the customer wants to be pampered and taken very seriously. Mobile applications is the best way a customer can be given a safe and satisfying buying experience. Yes, there are lot of options through iPhone application development that can lead to higher revenue.


How Android apps will growth hack your business?

Today, the tech-quote goes by, “A business without mobile application is a startup without investment.” Well, it is true, isn’t it? It ought to be when it is accepted universally. Have you noticed about the current trend’s business or newly established venture or organization? It will be concluded that every business will have a genuine/legit, static or dynamic, user-friendly and instructive mobile applications; this not only helps the business to grow but creates an identity, image and a brand prestige in the market.

Android App Development Services

Do you have a business idea and would like to turn it into reality? Then the best way forward is to develop a mobile app, especially in today’s mobile friendly age. Today, smartphones have become a regular phenomenon with nearly everyone on the planet now possessing a mobile gadget or a smartphone. Now, you would ask why Android apps and why not apple apps? It is pretty obvious that the current drastic and increasing level of Android smart phones have led the competitive market to design and develop more and more android apps than apple apps.

Android opens up several possibilities for android app development company who are keen on utilizing Android to take Android app development a notch higher. The Android SDK also provides developers a variety of ways to create a range of apps for various industries and verticals. Since it is written in Java and C++, Android is, in reality, a package of programs that takes custom development way ahead.

If you want to be a millionaire entrepreneur, the app you develop could make your app available for the entire smartphone segment that uses Android to power their phones.Users can simply download the app and connect to your company’s services or website via the app and perform their desired transactions! So, you can conveniently make the next powerful move in your business with the help of Android Apps. Therefore, Android application development and Android apps on the whole can become a powerful medium to promote your business. To sum up, it can be easily said that advertising, customer retention, brand promotion and brand awareness can be taken up in a robust way with the help of custom Android apps.

Android app development to a large extent has the possibility of expanding your business to a very large extent. It is extremely essential that you hire the best in class Android development professionals for your growth. Choose someone who has wide exposure to many verticals across several industries. The business processes are simplified as well as various business processes and strategic business units (SBUs) can be managed profitably. Nowadays, many Android app development company offers custom Android development services so that you can leverage the power of Android to foster your business and reach your goal.

Do you want to leverage the power of android applications? Contact DzoApps.

Improve your Business with Apple Application

At DzoApps, we've hired top level iOS app developers in the smart and informative world, every business owner wants business at present days. The iPhone operating system delivered a number of audience from last 5 years. That's the way we tell all owners to create the attractive apple app for getting the customer and traffic on your business and brand.

Get your Business Application From DzoApps

There are so many companies for making the mobile application but DzoApps is one of the company is in some companies that are delivering the quality and innovative services with client requirement in short of time period. 

Mobile Application best Option for Your Business

Android app development market is booming and continuing to grow every year. Last year, we saw mobile application market matured from all mobile devices and there was also an enhanced focus on application Analytics. Mobile apps have real impact in the feel, look and even function of the mobile market. It is one of top level open source market from long time stability to get success in your industry. DzoApps is renowned superiority  in android application development, which recognized as the high level of quality in app development services. 

For business, website marketing is not enough for getting a lead and sales in current market scenario, we suggest to all business owners to make the own business mobile app from wonderful dedicated developer team. This is necessary for your business and fighting with competitors. After reading this content, are you planning to create an android and iOS apps for your company? DzoApps has delivered superlative apps from last 5 years in all over the world.

Why Every Business Owner should Consider a Android Application for Company

Time to Sharing useful information about Android App Development for Business Man (specially new and upcoming company owner), Today, the customer is fully informed regarding the business before buying anything on the Internet. In case you are still not sure how to build their own mobile platform, DzoApps (division of Dotzoo Inc.) Company will help every company owner to build up their own business on mobile  app.

Your business application will help you to connect the user in easy way, you can be a part of the conversion to your customers to share your business article, photos, videos, and blogs, etc. One of the best benefits of your application, It's visible anywhere, anytime availability to increase sale and deliver products in a timely and effective manner. they are easily accessible and offer seamless user experience.

Most of Business Man faces the marketing problem in the latest trend, How to get more and more visitor and customers. Android application is the best way to magnify the client and customer in fast growing world. Mobile apps market is currently most powerful marketing strategy for delivering the all kinds of services and products. 

DzoApps is mobile marketing based company for every kind of mobile application in the USA from 8 years. We have lots of exact to create and design any mobile application according to the your business and your need as par your budgets.

Android Application will help you to promote a business in Internet Marketing

Google will merge Android operating system and Chrome browser in coming years. It's really good for every businessman to promote products on the mobile application. Open Source technology increases lots of audience from last 5 years. 90% marketer turns on this marketing strategy from last 2 years, traditional marketing is not enough for promoting a business in this era.


Mobile App is becoming more and more popular, because user connects with any mobile application in less time. This open source technology is the best fast growing technology in the world till date. Mobile application collects 1.79 million downloads till January 2015, it will increase to 2.68 million in 2017. Android and iPhone founder is playing biggest role to download huge number of mobile application.

DzoApps has been successful delivering 100+ mobile apps on different platforms with very talented development team. We always help our clients to increase business audience on products and services on Android and Apple app after creating application, Get best idea from our talented digital marketing team to discuss, how to promote a business on the Internet, in-front of smart world.

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